Surgical Nurses and Assistants

Hospitals are increasingly calling on nursing staff to perform surgical services and act as surgical assistants. In this context, large portions of pre-operative preparations are delegated to this group of personnel. Increasingly complex medical technology is being used in the operating room and without it functioning properly, operations would not be able to take place; therefore, it is important to train these employees so that they can carry out their responsibilities.A good team, and every member matters, ensures shorter durations for operations, faster changeovers and lower expenditures due to technical complications. In other professions that depend on technology, such as pilots, great investments have been made in this area of personnel for quite some time. Currently, approximately 1,300 operations a year are performed with surgical robots in Gronau. This type of experience and routine is one of a kind in Germany and is readily shared with anyone who wants to learn from the team’s success.