Mission / Vision


The European Robotic Institute was founded in 2012 in order to improve education and training in the medical field. Our philosophy is that better, more structured training and instruction regarding medical technology would lead to better treatment results and would thus be beneficial for the patient as well.


In the medical field, especially surgery, more and more highly technical systems, such as the da Vinci system, are being implemented. Currently, it remains unclear and unregulated as to how training for such systems should look and whether or not training or formal qualifications for surgeons using the equipment should be required.

The European Robotic Institute is seeking to require that laparoscopic as well as robot assisted technologies only be used by surgeons who can show that they have had the appropriate training or further education. This formal instruction would be carried out in accordance with the criteria for certification. The core idea is in no way utopian – similar structures are already in place in the United States and Scandinavia. This higher degree of medical training is to be achieved primarily via simulator training. Simulators have since become the norm for many professions, such as the oft-cited example of pilots; increasing numbers of container ship captains and truck or bus drivers are being trained using simulation systems as well. The advantage of simulators is that the requirements are standardized, and performance is graded on objective parameters. In our opinion, there is no reason why simulators should not become the norm for the field of surgery.