Your Event @ ERI

Situated on the St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH campus, the European Robotic Institute offers opportunities for just about any event. Groups should not be larger than 35 persons. Institute resources play an especially important role at events related to the field of medical technology. As the center has its own 16 megabit DSL connection and is not throttled by the hospital’s internal security measures, the technical and broadcast capabilities are endless. A special highlight is the Polycom Live videoconferencing system, which allows for broadcasting video worldwide over the Internet that complies with international standards.

Groups of up to 18 persons can comfortably use the conference table seating; larger groups may be seated in rows. Both the fireplace room as well as the garden area offer a nice addition for all events for group activities as well as relaxation, rejuvenation and conversation. The options for culinary provisions are also limitless. We are happy to create a package specifically tailored for your event.

Gruppen bis 18 Personen können bequem am Konferenztisch Platz nehmen, bei größeren Gruppen ist eine Kinobestuhlung möglich. Das Kaminzimmer sowie der Garten bieten eine gute Erweiterung für alle Veranstaltungen für Gruppenarbeiten aber auch Erholung, Entspannung und Diskussion. Auch für die kulinarische Versorgung gibt es keine Limitierung. Gern stellen wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot für Ihre Veranstaltung zusammen.