Decision Makers

With the current medical coverage situation, a hospital’s decision to buy a da Vinci System or invest in another new and likely expensive medical technology is by no means a decision to be made overnight.

For CEOs and hospital executives, it is not always easy to get information about the results of such an investment. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that hospitals are competing with each other and the only chance to get information about corporate success is through a contact in your network.

St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH invested in a da Vinci system in 2006 and is now the proud owner and operator of three such systems. It is not just an investment of over 6 million Euro in medical technology but also a commensurate investment in personnel and logistics. Medical technology companies don’t always mention these additional investment costs and, moreover, are not in a position to make such estimates.

The event for decision makers offers the opportunity to learn about the experience from St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH alongside a decision-making panel such as OP Director, Director of Sterile Services, Purchasing Director and Hospital Director. The main objective of the event is to adhere to the equivalence principle, which means that a CEO meets with a CEO or representative, the Director of Sterile Services meets with the director of the Sterile Services Department in Gronau, etc. In addition, the event is flanked with a presentation and information about the da Vinci system as well as the key factors and pitfalls for integrating medical technology.

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