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First aid training @ ERI

04.24.2013 First Aid Training at ERI; the WN reports

The pulse ceases, the heart stops – there is no time to be wasted. Just a few minutes without oxygen can cause brain damage. After five minutes, brain damage can be permanent. (more…)

(Deutsch) Heimatverein Gronau zu gast im ERI

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Minister of Health Daniel Bahr Visits: “Don’t worry about Gronau”

12.03.2012, Gronau – Münsterländische Volkszeitung: “Bundesgesundheitsminister Daniel Bahr zu Gast: „Um Gronau keine Sorgen machen“. The federal minister of health plays surgeon – a new way to cut healthcare costs? No! Why Daniel Bahr sat down with a “da Vinci” robot at the St. Antonius-Hospital training center had other reasons. Hier geht’s zum Artikel