ROBOTIK Masterclass 2018


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Surgical Nurses and Assistants

Hospitals are increasingly calling on nursing staff to perform surgical services and act as surgical assistants. In this context, large portions of pre-operative preparations are delegated to this group of personnel. Increasingly complex medical technology is being used in the operating room and without it functioning properly, operations would not be able to take place; therefore, it is important to train these employees so that they can carry out their responsibilities. (more…)

Resident Doctor

This course unit is specifically tailored to assisting physicians and surgical assistants who have recently assumed the responsibility of assisting robot assisted surgeries.

Programm für Assistenten

 What is unique about robot assisted surgery?

The surgeon is no longer part of the sterile team at the table but instead sits off to the side at his user console. This demands a higher degree of professionalism from the assistant and requires especially well-developed communication skills from the entire team. While the surgeon in traditional surgery could always physically reach out to the assistant and take or guide an instrument, this is no longer possible in robot-assisted surgery.

That leaves a surgeon exclusively with the ability communicate verbally. This doesn’t sound particularly complex, but experience, however, has shown that this presents an adjustment for the entire team. In this course, the assistant or surgical technical assistant will learn his or her role, such as in a radical prostatectomy, step-by-step. Instructional materials include live case observation, presentations as well as videos. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and handouts for review of the material covered in the course.

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Decision Makers

With the current medical coverage situation, a hospital’s decision to buy a da Vinci System or invest in another new and likely expensive medical technology is by no means a decision to be made overnight.

Training on Demand

The majority of events and courses that are held or given at the European Robotic Institute take place as Training On Demand.


What is Training on Demand?


The level of training medical staff and physicians have received is by no means always the same. In order to make courses and seminars as useful as possible, each will be tailored not only for scheduling but also for content to suit the corresponding group and its proficiency. Scheduled internal events take place within the framework of Master Class events. Conferences, such as a conference for surgical professionals who work with da Vinci robots, are held as well. (more…)