St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH

The European Robotic Institute is a company of the St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH; partners in the GmbH are the parishes St. Antonius in Gronau and St. Agatha in Epe. (more…)

Technical Equipment

With its state-of-the-art equipment, the European Robotic Institute is on par with international event venues and conference centers. The ability to view both da Vinci operating rooms in Full-HD at any time as well as the close proximity to the hospital and its operating rooms allows for a formerly seldom link between theory and practice.


Mission / Vision


The European Robotic Institute was founded in 2012 in order to improve education and training in the medical field. Our philosophy is that better, more structured training and instruction regarding medical technology would lead to better treatment results and would thus be beneficial for the patient as well.


About ERI

The European Robotic Institute is an international training center for minimally invasive and robot assisted surgery as well as a location for the instruction and continuing education of St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau GmbH employees.